Training Courses

To get the most out of your investment in FLAMES or to help you decide if our products can satisfy your simulation requirements, you should give serious consideration to attending one or more of Ternion’s standard training courses. You can make arrangements with Ternion to conduct a course at a time and place that fits your needs.

The following standard training courses are available:

Introductory User Training Course (2 days)

  • Receive an overview of the entire FLAMES product line
  • Learn the fundamental concepts required to use the FLAMES Runtime Suite effectively
  • Work hands-on with the Runtime Suite and learn how to build, execute, visualize, and control scenarios
  • Prerequisites: Experience using computers running the Microsoft Windows® operating system

Introductory Developer Training Course (3 days)

  • Learn the fundamental concepts required to develop FLAMES-based simulations
  • Work hands-on with the FLAMES Development Suite, learn how to develop custom equipment and cognition models, and integrate them into a custom simulation.
  • Learn how to develop models that can interoperate with models developed by other Development Suite users
  • Prerequisites: Completion of the FLAMES Introductory User Training course; experience developing software in C or C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio

Combined Introductory User and Developer Training Course (5 days)

  • Attend both the Introductory User and Developer courses in the same week.

Please contact Ternion for pricing information and to request a training course. A minimum of three (3) students are required for each course. Payment of course tuition must be received by Ternion 14 days prior to the start of the course and is non-refundable (except in the case of course cancellation by Ternion or in a situation that Ternion considers to be an emergency).

Introductory courses are usually taught at Ternion’s office. However, they can also be conducted at a customer’s facility. In addition, specialized courses focusing on customer-specific training requirements can be provided through Paid Support Services. For more information, please contact Ternion.