Optional Features

In addition to a wide variety of standard featuresFLAMES supports several separately-priced optional features that extend the capability of FLAMES for special applications. Select the name of a given feature below or from the sidebar on the left for more information.

3D Option – Use detailed, high-fidelity terrain databases, with features (such as roads, lakes, and buildings) and satellite imagery, in your scenarios, and visualize your scenarios in high-resolution 3D

Analysis Option – Perform complex parametric trade studies and Monte-Carlo analysis

Interactive Simulation Option – Allows interactive scenario execution with virtual simulators and real-world command, control, and communications systems

HLA Option – Supports communicating with other simulations using the High Level Architecture (HLA)

DIS Option – Supports communicating with other simulations using the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol

Multithreaded Execution Option – Multithreading executes a scenario using two or more of the processors of a multiple-processor (or multi-core) computer

Checkpoint/Restart Option – Checkpoint/Restart saves all internal data values in checkpoint files at specified times during scenario execution and allows scenario execution to restart using the data in a checkpoint file

CIGI Option – Supports communicating with image generators (IG) using the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI)

Network Database Option – Standalone Option. Allows FLAMES applications to access a FLAMES scenario database hosted on a remote server.