How To Get Support

Technical Support is available to customers of Ternion’s off-the-shelf simulation products to provide them with information and assistance in the following areas:

  • Help resolving problems encountered while using off-the-shelf simulations
  • Help resolving problems encountered in software development using the FLAMES Development Suite
  • Answers to specific questions regarding FLAMES features that may not be addressed completely in the documentation

Technical Support in the above areas is available only to customers with an active subscription license. If you are a Ternion customer who needs assistance in one of these areas and your subscription is active, contact our Technical Support staff as described below, and we will be happy to help you. If you need assistance in areas outside the scope of Technical Support, Ternion® may still be able to help you through a training course or through paid support services.

If you purchased your licenses through a Distributor or other channel, you should, in most cases, contact them directly for assistance. If you are not sure who to contact, you may contact Ternion as described below, and we will forward your request to the proper company if necessary.

In order to allow us to process your support request quickly and completely, we ask that you send us some information along with your request. The type of information we require will depend upon the type of support you need. To view a description of the information that we require, please select the support category below (or in the sidebar on the left) that most closely matches your need.

Support Category



You are having a problem using an off-the-shelf application.

You are having a problem in software development using the FLAMES Development Suite.

You are not having any problems. Rather, you would just like information about Ternion’s products that you have been unable to locate in the product documentation or on this website.

You wish to suggest additional features that you feel would be beneficial to you or other users of Ternion’s products.

You need a license file for one or more of the products for which you have a license.

After you have gathered all the information that we require, you may provide it to us using one of the following methods:





+1 (256) 881-9933 ext. 307


+1 (256) 881-9957