The FLAMES® Scenario Highlighter (FLASH™) is a scenario visualization and control application. In “playback mode”, FLASH can visualize a scenario after it has been executed. In “monitor mode”, FLASH can visualize and control a scenario while it is being executed.

Playback Mode

In playback mode, FLASH can visualize a scenario after it has been executed. FLASH reads scenario activity data from a playback file that was created by either FORGE or FIRE during scenario execution.

Visualize Visualize the scenario using the same 2D and 3D views available in FORGE. No connection to FORGE or FIRE is required.

Control Playback – Control scenario playback just like your DVD player with simple buttons such as Play, Pause, Resume, Single-Step, and Reset.

Review Important Events – Quickly fast-forward or rewind to any specified time of interest.

Set Speed – Specify playback speed to be faster, slower, or equal to wall clock time.

Enable Interpolation – Enable data “interpolation” for super-smooth player motion during playback.

Match Computer Performance – Tune playback settings to match the performance of your computer.

Monitor Mode

In monitor mode, FLASH can visualize and control a scenario that is being executed in either FORGE™ or FIRE™. FLASH can execute on the same computer on which FORGE or FIRE is executing, or FLASH can execute on any computer on the same network. (The Interactive Simulation option is required for monitor mode.)

Visualize – Visualize the scenario in 2D and 3D using the same views available in FORGE.

Pause and Resume – Pause and resume scenario execution.

Control Players – At any time during scenario execution, give commands to any player, completely redefine the task assigned to any player, or create totally new players.

Customizing FLASH

Use the FLAMES Development Suite to customize FLASH to satisfy your specific visualization requirements. You can customize the 2D and 3D views or add totally new views. Place your custom software in a FLAMES component plug-in, and FLASH will automatically recognize it and use it as a fully integrated part of the application.