FLAMES Runtime Suite

The FLAMES® Runtime Suite is a set of powerful yet easy-to-use applications (executable programs) that allow you to create, execute, visualize, and control FLAMES scenarios. These applications can load any FLAMES-compatible plug-ins, so they can be used with any scenario that can be created using the plug-ins you specify. Runtime Suite applications are required to execute FLAMES-based simulations and the software resident in FLAMES-compatible plug-ins.

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Included with FLAMES Runtime Suite

Standard Applications – Three full-featured, easy-to-use standard applications loaded with many powerful features allow you to create, execute, visualize, and control FLAMES scenarios.

FORGE – FORGE™ is an integrated, easy-to-use, graphical application that can create, execute, visualize, and control FLAMES scenarios

FIRE – FIRE™ is a non-graphical application that can execute FLAMES scenarios in batch mode

FLASH – In playback mode, FLASH™ can visualize a completed scenario using a playback file that was created by FORGE or FIRE. In the optional monitor mode, FLASH can visualize and control a scenario that is being executed by FORGE or FIRE.

Bundled Component Plug-ins – Multiple component plug-ins that contain ready-to-use models of many types of real-world systems, such as air, land, sea, and space-based vehicles, sensors, weapons, human behavior, and much more

Digital Terrain Importer The Digital Terrain Importer can import one or more Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) files into the FLAMES Scenario Database such that they can be used in FLAMES scenarios

Demonstration Scenarios – Multiple, fully-constructed scenarios that illustrate just a few of the types of scenarios that can be created with the Runtime Suite

Tutorial Scenarios – Simple scenarios that you can build yourself by following the included, step-by-step instructions

Example Scenario Database – Loads of example data that is used by the demonstration and tutorial scenarios and can be used to build your first scenarios

Overview and Tutorial Videos – Short videos that introduce you to FLAMES and illustrate how to build a simple scenario

FLAMES Documentation Set – The entire set of all 30+ FLAMES manuals, including the manuals for the Development Suite

Automated Setup and Activation Tools – Tools that install FLAMES on your computer and activate the Runtime Suite applications via the Internet

Get More from the Runtime Suite

Optional Features – Purchase one or more of the available optional features to support advanced simulation requirements

Custom Simulation – Hire Ternion to develop a custom simulation based on FLAMES and the Runtime Suite that is tailored to your specific requirements

Custom Component Plug-ins – Use the FLAMES Development Suite to develop your own custom component plug-ins and simulate almost any type of system you can image


You can install and execute the Runtime Suite with the bundled component plug-ins on as many computers as you want at no cost. You can request a free copy of the Runtime Suite from this website. A license must be purchased to execute the Runtime Suite as a part of a custom simulation or with custom component plug-ins.