FLAMES Development Suite

FLAMES®-based simulations are not fixed, monolithic simulations that are hard-coded to satisfy some pre-defined set of modeling and simulation requirements. FLAMES products provide a framework for custom, composable simulations that can be developed and reconfigured quickly to support almost any modeling and simulation requirement imaginable.

The entire FLAMES product line is completely independent of software that simulates the behavior of humans and real-world systems. Such software resides in components that are stored in component plug-ins. FLAMES-based simulations automatically load, integrate, and make use of the components stored in the designated plug-ins. As a result, with the proper component plug-ins, the FLAMES-based simulations can be used to simulate almost any behavior and real-world system imaginable.

The FLAMES Development Suite provides the tools and software you need to develop custom components that address your specific modeling and simulation requirements. You can then create, execute, visualize, and control scenarios using your custom components with the applications of the FLAMES Runtime Suite.

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What You Can Do with the FLAMES Development Suite

Modify Components – Modify any of the components that are bundled with FLAMES using the included source code

Add Models – Add new models of platforms, sensors, weapons, human behavior, communication devices, and any other type of model supported by FLAMES

Customize Views – Customize the 2D and 3D views of FORGE™ and FLASH™, modify the bundled view overlays, add new view overlays, customize the view preference settings, or add totally new viewing windows

Record Data – Add new data recorders to record the specific data that you need to support your analysis

Develop Custom Services – Develop custom services to extend the infrastructure of FLAMES in any way you desire

Create Plug-ins – Place your custom software in FLAMES component plug-ins that are recognized and integrated by FLAMES applications automatically

Develop New Applications – Create totally new, custom, FLAMES-based applications that are fully compatible with FLAMES standard applications. Examples of such applications include scenario management tools, scenario data importers and exporters, scenario controllers, virtual simulators, visualization systems, and interfaces to real-world systems

Core Development Product

The name “Development Suite” refers to a set of products that allow you to develop custom component plug-ins and FLAMES-based applications. Most Development Suite products are optional (see below). The only required product is “Core Development”, and it includes everything you need to support nearly any type of FLAMES development.

Source Code – Source code to the components bundled with the FLAMES Runtime Suite

Primary Classes – A large set of primary classes from which any type of component class can be derived and developed. These provide a wealth of functionality to custom FLAMES components with little or no software development required, including parameter graphical user interface generation and management; storing and retrieving parameter values in the FLAMES Scenario Database; object creation, management, and destruction; player composition; and execution control

Object Library – A large object library with hundreds of functions to simplify your component development, including functions for memory management, time management, data recording, terrain database queries, vector and matrix operations, random number generation, coordinate transformations, and much more

Include Files – Source code include files that declare FLAMES datatypes and function prototypes

Product Documentation – Abundant on-line developer documentation including reference material, examples, and tutorials

Developer Tools – Tools to assist in component development

Digital Terrain Importer – A runtime license to the FLAMES Digital Terrain Importer

2D Icon Editor – A runtime license to the FLAMES 2D Icon Editor

Optional Development Products

Several separately priced options are available in the Development Suite that enable extra functionality in the FLAMES Runtime Suite when your custom component plug-ins are loaded. The Core Development product (described above) must be purchased with any optional product.

3D Option Bundle – Use detailed, high-fidelity terrain databases in your scenarios, develop models that interact with the cultural features present in a terrain database, and visualize your scenarios in 3D. This option also includes a runtime license to the FLAMES Advanced Correlated Terrain Importer, the Enhanced 3D Scene Importer, and the 3D Icon Editor

Analysis Option Bundle – Perform complex parametric trade studies and Monte-Carlo analysis

Interactive Simulation Option – Allows interactive scenario execution with virtual simulators and real-world command, control, and communications systems

HLA Option – Supports communicating with other simulations using the High Level Architecture (HLA)

DIS Option – Supports communicating with other simulations using the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol

Multithreaded Execution Option – Execute a scenario using two or more of the processors of a multiple-processor (or multi-core) computer with multithreading

Checkpoint/Restart Option – Use checkpoint/restart to save all internal data values, including the data values in your custom components, in checkpoint files at specified times during scenario execution and allows scenario execution to restart using the data in a checkpoint file

CIGI Option – The CIGI Option supports communicating with image generators (IG) using the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI)

Premier Development Product

Premier Development includes Core Development and all the optional development products listed above, excluding the CIGI Option and Checkpoint/Restart Option. The price of Premier Development is less than the combined price of all the included development products.


Licenses to a given set of Development Suite products may be used on only one computer by only one user at a time. Core Development is required for all FLAMES development and is a prerequisite for all optional development products. Optional development products may be purchased and installed in any desired combination; however, an identical combination of optional development products must be installed on all computers used in a given FLAMES-based software development activity.

Licenses to development products do not include licenses to runtime products. Licenses to runtime products must be purchased separately. For a given FLAMES-based software development activity, the licenses purchased for optional runtime products must correspond to the licenses purchased for optional development products.

Custom component plug-ins and applications developed using the Development Suite can be distributed and used on any computer on which the Runtime Suite is properly licensed.

Ternion Support

Subscription licenses to FLAMES Development Suite products include updates to new versions and give you access to standard FLAMES Technical Support as you develop custom FLAMES-based software. You can also attend a FLAMES training class for hands-on, introductory training on how to develop software using FLAMES. Ternion can also provide a customized training class (optionally at your facility), assist you in your development efforts, or develop a turn-key, FLAMES-based application to your specifications.