Bundled Components

The FLAMES Runtime Suite is bundled with a wide variety of ready-to-use components that provide the functionality required to support the demonstration and tutorial scenarios that are included in the Runtime Suite. More importantly, these components can often satisfy some or all of your modeling requirements – right off the shelf. Most components are parametric models that can quickly be configured to represent a wide variety of systems by simply entering the proper parameter values.

When you need modeling capability that is different from what is provided by the bundled components, you can use the FLAMES Development Suite to develop your own components and plug them into Runtime Suite applications. The FLAMES Development Suite includes the source code to all bundled components. The Development Suite also includes an easy-to-use tool that can quickly make a copy of the source code of any bundled component and give the component a new name. Consequently, you will usually find that one of the bundled components will serve as an excellent starting point for your custom component development.

The following is a partial list of the components that come bundled with the Runtime Suite. These components can be grouped into three categories: Unit ModelsEnvironment Models, and View Overlays. For a description of the role each type of component plays, see the Components page.

Bundled Unit Models

Cognition Models

  • FCAIN – Ground attack behavior model for fixed-wing aircraft
  • FCAirController– Commander of defensive counter air fighter aircraft
  • FCATC– Air traffic controller
  • FCCamera3D – Controls viewing mode in 3D View window
  • FCChannel– Dynamically assigns channels to communication devices
  • FCFighter – Air-to-air combat behavior model for fixed-wing aircraft
  • FCFWPilot – Fixed wing aircraft pilot
  • FCGVDriver – Ground vehicle driver
  • FCLogMixer – Sets log and warning output levels for models attached to Units
  • FCRWCAS – Close air support behavior model for rotary wing aircraft
  • FCRWPilot – Rotary wing aircraft pilot
  • FCSAMController – Commander of surface-to-air missile fire units and defensive counter air fighter controllers
  • FCSAMFU – Surface-to-air missile fire unit
  • FCSatellite – Specifies satellite orbit using NORAD input values
  • FCScenarioController – High-level scenario management and control operations
  • FCShipHelmsman – Ship helmsman
  • FCSSFU – Tactical ballistic missile launcher
  • FCTank – Combat behavior model for tanks
  • FCUnitEditor – Examines, edits, and manages the commands attached to a Unit

Communication Device Models

  • FQCSimpleRadio – Simple communication device

Data Processor Models

  • FQDACTracker – Tracker for airborne radars
  • FQDSimpleRWRDP – Data processor for airborne radar warning receivers
  • FQDSimpleSightingDP – Data processor for human vision sensors
  • FQDSimpleTracker – Tracker for ground-based radars

Jammer Model

FQJBarrageJammer – White noise jammer

Munition Models

  • FQMFreefallBomb – Non-guided bomb
  • FQMPassiveAAM – Passive air-to-air missile
  • FQMPassiveASM – Passive air-to-surface missile
  • FQMSemiActiveAAM – Semi-active air-to-air missile
  • FQMSemiActiveSAM – Semi-active surface-to-air missile
  • FQMSSProjectile – Surface-to-surface artillery round
  • FQMTBMissile – Tactical ballistic missile

Platform Models

  • FQPEGVehicle – Ground vehicle
  • FQPFixedWing – Fixed-wing aircraft
  • FQPRotaryWing – Rotary-wing aircraft
  • FQPSatellite – Satellite
  • FQPShip – Ship

Sensor Models

  • FQSACRadar – Airborne radar
  • FQSGeometricSensor – Generic, geometry-based sensor
  • FQSRadar – Ground radar
  • FQSRWR – Radar warning receiver
  • FQSSimpleVision – Human vision sensor

Sub-system Models

  • FQBEnhancedAntenna – Radar antenna with complex gain pattern
  • FQBSimpleAntenna – Radar antenna with simple gain pattern

Weapon System Models

  • FQWAAMissile – Air-to-air missile weapon system
  • FQWASMunition – Air-to-surface missile weapon system
  • FQWSAMissile – Surface-to-air missile weapon system
  • FQWSSProjectile – Surface-to-surface artillery weapon system
  • FQWTBMissile – Tactical ballistic missile weapon system
  • FQWTurretGun – Tank turret and gun weapon system

Formation Models

  • FRAirFormation – Geometry for aircraft formations
  • FRGroundFormation – Geometry for ground vehicle formations
  • FRMaritimeFormation – Geometry for surface ship formations

Signature Models

  • FAirborneRCS – Aircraft radar cross-section
  • FGroundRCS – Ground vehicle or facility radar cross-section

Bundled Environment Models

Airspace Models

  • FSCorridor – A volume in space through which aircraft can travel
  • FSMaritimeCorridor – A corridor through which ships can travel
  • FSPoint – A position on the ground
  • FSZone – A volume in space that is used to represent such things as surveillance regions and missile engagement zones

Atmosphere Model

  • FAStandardAtmosphere – Provides atmospheric density and other atmospheric properties over the entire earth’s surface

Effects Models

  • FEFGrouping – Allows multiple effects to be grouped together and treated as a single effect
  • FEFPK – Used to determine if a target is destroyed when a munition detonates near or strikes the target

Bundled View Overlays

  • 2D Units – Draws Units in the 2D View
  • 2D Flight Paths – Draws flight paths in the 2D View
  • 2D Pairing Lines – Draws lines indicating various types of pairings between Units in the 2D View
  • 3D Flight Paths – Draws flight paths in the 3D View
  • 3D Pairing Lines – Draws lines indicating various types of pairings between Units in the 3D View