Build Your Own

FLAMES® is not a simulation. Rather, it is a family of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software products that provides a foundation (framework) for custom constructive simulations tailored to specific requirements. FLAMES products are completely independent of the specific systems that are modeled in a simulation. The innovative architecture of FLAMES places all of the software that simulates the behavior of real-world systems in components that “plug” into FLAMES applications.

By purchasing and using the FLAMES Development Suite, you can develop your own component plug-ins. These plug-ins can contain classes that simulate the behavior of any type of system you desire. You maintain complete control over all of the source code to the classes in the plug-ins, so you can develop and enhance them to simulate systems in accordance with your exact specifications.

By using the FLAMES Development Suite to develop your custom simulation, you can enjoy many of the same benefits that Ternion enjoys when it develops custom simulations for others.

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